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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Tooth Extraction

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At JP Dental, we pride ourselves on educating our patients about dental care so they can be an active participant in their own oral health care. As a patient, you have a right to be informed about your treatment. We make every effort to explain a procedure in enough detail for you to understand why it's important and how it can benefit your oral health.

But you may still have questions, and we've shared a few of those we hear most frequently. We're always here for you, so if you still need more information, please don't hesitate to contact our office.

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We accept many insurances and are happy to file your claims for your convenience. Please feel free to contact our office with your insurance questions and our knowledgeable Insurance Coordinator will be happy to assist you.

Currently, we work with the following:

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Tooth Extraction

It depends. 

With a simple extraction, the dentist pulls out the tooth with a little bit of pushing with an instrument called elevator and grabs the tooth with forcep. The pain is manageable with a little bit of pain medication. The discomfort does not last more than a few days. 

With a surgical extraction, the dentist needs to expose the gums around the tooth with a small surgical blade and use surgical bur to remove some bone wrapping the tooth to give a room for pushing and pulling. The pain may last more than a few days, which is why patient is sometimes recommended not to get involved in physical activities for a few days to recover. 

Another factor that can affect the degree of pain after the extraction is the difficult of the extraction. If the tooth is severely impacted or under the gums where the dentist needs to surgically enter the tooth, pain may be much more severe. Patient may need to take narcotics to relive pain for a few days. 

Does it annoy you that your dentist tells you to pull your wisdom teeth when you are feeling perfectly normal? 

Here are the following reasons why your wisdom teeth should be pulled. 

1. Your wisdom teeth are at the end of your mouth. They are very difficult to brush. Keeping them clean are very difficult. Gums are typically swollen with pockets. They are affecting your essential teeth, which are your second molars. 

2. Your wisdom are growing sideways causing food and plaque to get stuck underneath it. They are causing pungent and foul smell to your mouth.  It may lead to decays to your normal teeth next to the wisdom teeth. 

3. Your wisdom may look fine now, but in rare cases, you may develop cyst that eats up your jaw and gums. You may need a bigger surgery to open the area to remove the cyst. 

However, there is a chance you can keep your wisdom teeth if you follow these instructions. 

1. You are keeping your wisdom teeth impeccably clean. You are using special toothbrush to reach back areas that are impossible to clean with your regular toothbrush. You are using waterpik to keep the gums healthy. 

2. You are checking with your dentist or hygienist that they are growing straight. 

3. You make sure you get a panoramic  x ray every few years to check that the surrounding structures around the wisdom teeth is healthy, with no abnormal growth. 


Tooth Extractions in Hartford CTWe’re committed to helping you keep your teeth for a lifetime. With the help of a wide array of services offered by JP Dental, our goal is to do everything we can to try to save a damaged tooth. Sometimes, however, it may be in the best interest of your overall oral health to remove the tooth

There are several cases where our doctors may determine that extracting a tooth is the best option. A tooth may need to be extracted because it’s severely decayed, damaged by advanced periodontal disease, or compromised in such a way that it cannot be repaired. In other cases, a tooth may need to be removed because it’s poorly positioned in the mouth (such as wisdom teeth) or we are preparing you for orthodontic treatment or complete dentures.

Our doctors have performed many different types of extractions, ranging from the most simple to more advanced cases like removal of impacted wisdom teeth. You can be confident that no matter what type of extraction you require, you will receive compassionate care and support from our dental team.

Nobody likes to think about having a tooth extracted. But our relaxing sedation options and the genuine concern of a caring team will help make your procedure comfortable and stress-free. If you do think you need to have a tooth extracted, please contact our Hartford office to arrange a convenient appointment.

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