Children's Dentistry in Hartford, CT

It’s unfortunate, but many adults who had unpleasant childhood dental experiences still avoid dental visits. At JP Dental, we don't think anyone should have to grow up dealing with Children's dentistry Hartford CTthat type of fear. Your child’s comfort is our highest priority, and our compassionate team is very sensitive to the unique needs of children. Everything we do works toward the goal of making each of your child’s visits with us an enjoyable experience.

Our team loves working with kids and helping them develop a positive attitude about dental visits. Dr. Chung and Dr. Park have both worked with lots of kids in family dental settings, and this experience gives them a unique perspective on what it takes to keep kids happy and comfortable!

At JP Dental, we suggest that your child’s first “official” visit to the dentist occurs around age three. At this age, we can help most kids enjoy a comfortable and cooperative dental experience. During this visit, one of our friendly, gentle hygienists will clean your child’s teeth. If necessary, we may suggest a fluoride or sealant application for an added layer of protection from decay.
Subsequently, we recommend twice-yearly visits to our office to check for signs of decay and other changes in your child’s teeth. During these visits, we will also encourage them to be responsible for their dental health by teaching  age-appropriate techniques and encouraging healthy habits. These visits are also the perfect time for you to share any concerns you have related to your child’s oral health, growth, and development.

Dental Care as Your Child Grows

Hartford CT Children's DentistAs your child grows, we’ll continue to monitor their development during their regularly scheduled checkups. We may also suggest placing dental sealants (protective coatings) on the permanent molars to prevent decay. 

Around age eight, we’ll start evaluating your child’s facial growth and how the transition from baby teeth to adult teeth is going. We will evaluate the position of new teeth that are expected to erupt in the next few years.

If necessary, we’ll discuss the potential for early orthodontic treatment that may help us avoid a second phase of treatment altogether. Our team will also continue to reinforce appropriate home care techniques and the benefits of a healthy diet.

By following a consistent routine of visits to our Hartford dental office, we can develop a certain level of trust and respect with your child. This connection will hopefully encourage them to accept responsibility for achieving a healthy smile as they grow into adulthood.

Please Contact Our Office

If you’d like to ensure that your child’s oral heath gets off to the very best start possible, please contact JP Dental. Together we’ll work toward helping your child enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles.