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It’s easy to forget how valuable a healthy smile is until something goes wrong. Damaged or missing teeth can have an enormous impact on your life. Things you take for granted every day like chewing and speaking clearly become difficult or even impossible. You may avoid social interactions because you feel self-conscious about the condition or appearance of your smile. 

Our goal at JP Dental is to provide you with a comprehensive array of services designed to ensure that your smile stays healthy, allowing you to enjoy the quality of life you deserve.

Preventive Treatments

Preventive services like cleanings and exams are your number one defense against future dental problems. During our exams we’ll use digital x-rays to see deep inside your tooth to detect any problems that may be developing. Seeing you on a routine basis makes it easier for us to identify these small problems before they become more complicated and costly to fix. 

We’ll Help You Enjoy Your Best Smile

If you’ve been living with a damaged smile, we want to help. Missing or damaged teeth can cause pain and make you feel self-conscious, but we’ll work with you until we find the solution that is just right for you. Fillings and crowns can both be used to strengthen and protect a damaged tooth and make it functional again. 

Maybe your smile just needs a few minor changes to help you look your very best. In that case, we offer options like teeth whitening, tooth-colored fillings, and dental bonding. If you’re interested, we’d be happy to talk to you about other options like porcelain veneers and Invisalign that will help you love your smile again. 

Solutions for Missing Teeth

A missing tooth may not seem like a big deal, but it can lead to all sorts of other problems with your oral health. We offer several options for replacing missing teeth, and we’ll help you find the one that fits all your needs, including your budget.

Dental implants are very effective, and our doctors have the skill and training necessary to handle the entire process from implant placement to your final restoration here at our Hartford dental office. However, we may find that implants are not the perfect solution for you. In this case, we can suggest our natural-looking bridges or dentures. Both are effective tooth replacement options that will help you smile again with confidence. We’ll provide all the information you need about different types of treatment and help you choose the one that’s most appropriate for you.

The team at JP Dental is compassionate and sensitive to your concerns. We know it’s difficult to approach any kind of dental treatment if you’re fearful of dental visits. We want you to be comfortable during your treatment, so we’re pleased to offer safe, effective nitrous oxide sedation to help sooth your anxiety. You can be confident that you will always receive the highest quality of care with close attention to your comfort.

Let’s Get Started!

You simply can’t enjoy a high quality of life when your teeth are missing or damaged or you’re in pain. No matter where you are currently with your dental health, give us a call. We’ll work together to make sure that your smile is as healthy and beautiful as it can be.

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