Sedation Dentistry in Hartford, CT

Are you one of the millions who suffer with dental anxiety? You may get so anxious about seeing the dentist that you avoid dental appointments altogether. Or maybe you force Sedation Dentistry Hartford CTyourself to go, dreading the experience the whole time. 

At JP Dental, we show our patients every day that a visit to the dentist does not need to be stressful. Our caring, compassionate team has helped many patients with intense anxiety get the help they need and enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile. If you’ve struggled with dental anxiety for most of your life, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see just how stress-free a visit to the dentist can be!

Overcoming Your Fears

One of the first steps to overcoming your fear is to share your feelings with us. The best way for us to tailor your treatment to your needs is to understand the source of your concerns. Is it the smells and sounds that bother you? Are you worried that you’ll experience discomfort that you won’t be able to handle? In any case, we’re here to help!

No matter what procedure you’re having, we’ll take the time to explain what you can expect. If you have questions, we encourage you to ask. When you understand what’s happening around you, it will be easier to relax and let us take care of you.

You can put your worries about discomfort to rest. We will always make sure the area to be treated is completely numb before we begin treatment. There’s no need to worry about injections, either. Dr. Park and Dr. Chung are both patient and gentle, and they have a reputation among their patients for their comfortable injections. Plus, a member of our team will be there to hold your hand and encourage you throughout the process.

Hartford CT Sedation DentistryEffective Nitrous Oxide Sedation

We think you’ll find that our compassionate approach goes a long way toward helping you relax. For the anxious patient, however, the next best thing to not being in the dental chair at all is to be able to relax and drift away during treatment.

At JP Dental, we offer our patients nitrous oxide (laughing gas), a very safe and mild form of sedation. Simply sit back and breathe normally, and a comfortable nasal tube will deliver just the right amount of nitrous to keep you comfortable. Throughout your procedure, we will keep checking in with you, and Dr. Chung will increase the level of sedation as needed to ensure your complete comfort. 

If you feel you would benefit from a little extra relaxation during your appointment, one of our doctors can write a prescription for a mild sedative that will help you calm down before you arrive at our office. 

Call Today to Get the Help You Need

Don’t let dental phobia stand in the way of enjoying the benefits of excellent oral health. Please call JP Dental to arrange an appointment and we’ll show you just how easy it can be to get the important dental care you need.