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Is gingivitis curable and reversable?

Yes, gingivitis is very much curable with proper brushing habit and a healthy diet. 

Gingivitis is simply caused when teeth are not cleaned on a daily basis. When plaque builds up over time in the mouth, they turn into something called calculus or tartar that sticks to the teeth. The best analogy that can refer to are the barnacles stuck on the surface of the ship. Tartar can only be removed by a professional such as an hygienist with specific instruments called scalers. 

After a professional cleaning, progressive healing should be observed over a few days. It is important that you maintain the daily habit of brushing and flossing twice a day to prevent gingivitis coming back again. Listerine mouth rinse and waterpik can be added to the oral hygiene regimens to keep the mouth healthy. 

This is an important stage of the gum disease where with enough effort the disease can be reversed. When the oral health is ignored when there is active gum disease, it can turn into a oral disease called periodontitis which can sometimes cause permanent damage to the gums and the bone that is wrapping around the teeth. So, please don't forget to brush up today! 


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