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Does extraction hurt?

It depends. 

With a simple extraction, the dentist pulls out the tooth with a little bit of pushing with an instrument called elevator and grabs the tooth with forcep. The pain is manageable with a little bit of pain medication. The discomfort does not last more than a few days. 

With a surgical extraction, the dentist needs to expose the gums around the tooth with a small surgical blade and use surgical bur to remove some bone wrapping the tooth to give a room for pushing and pulling. The pain may last more than a few days, which is why patient is sometimes recommended not to get involved in physical activities for a few days to recover. 

Another factor that can affect the degree of pain after the extraction is the difficult of the extraction. If the tooth is severely impacted or under the gums where the dentist needs to surgically enter the tooth, pain may be much more severe. Patient may need to take narcotics to relive pain for a few days. 

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