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Why do I need a crown on a root canal tooth?

A live tooth can sense pressure when biting down. When pressure is felt, the nerve in the tooth sends a signal to the brain to open the mouth to prevent breaking the tooth. 

Once a tooth gets a root canal, there is no nerve ending. No nerve means no means of sensing the pressure. 

This is why in our dental office in Hartford CT we often see patient coming in with broken tooth that already had a root canal treatment done and broken. If the patient is lucky enough, we can save the tooth. But oftentimes, we pull the tooth out because the tooth is hopeless due to large fracture. 

It is very important to follow through till the end. When you get a root canal treatment done, you need to make sure you go through the 3 steps of root canal treatment, build up or post and core, and finally the crown. By receiving the crown, you can chew on hard food without fear of breaking the tooth. 

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