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Is there an alternative to dental implant?

Yes, there are actually a few alternatives to dental implants that can restore the look and function of your teeth. 

You can receive a prosthesis called a dental bridge. A dental bridge covers the missing space with crowns that are connected from either ends. The supporting teeth are called the abutments. The area covering the empty space is called the pontic. A dental bridge can cover any size of space. when the bridge gets longer, it may need more than two teeth from either end to support the dental bridge. 

Another option is a flipper. This prosthesis is removable. Although you can eat with it, eating may not be efficient because it isn't attached to any teeth in the mouth. It can certainly improve the smile as it fills up the empty space. 

However, implant is the best option out of all these choices. 

Here are the following reasons:

- It lasts longer or even lifetime.

- It can't get cavity. 

- It is more cosmetic.

- It doesn't destroy the adjacent teeth to support the prosthesis. 

- It is more maintainable. 

- It preserves the bone. 

- It boost your confidence when you smile because it looks so natural. 



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