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What happens on my first visit at JP Dental?

September 1, 2021
Posted By: Juyong Chung

When you first come into our office, you will be greeted with warmth and kindness. We will collect some basic information about your insurance and your health history. Doctors will do their best to know you and humour you if you have any anxiety or fear about dentistry. Doctors at JP Dental have some tricks under their sleeves to help you feel comfortable. Doctor Chung is very chatty and enjoys talking about just about anything. Doctor Park may be a little shy, but she will do everything to make you comfortable at JP Dental.  


We will do a comprehensive check up on you from the medications you are taking to habits regarding brushing and eating habits. 

You will be assessed on the following:


1. Gums

Your gums are the foundation of your teeth. Your gums are what keep your teeth in place and healthy. We will give you a disclosing tablet to chew which will temporarily dye any bacterial plaque present on your teeth surface. You will be informed of the areas that you need to work better. We will tell you the best brushing technique to keep your gums healthy. Additionally, we will introduce you to cleaning instruments and particular medicines to keep your gum healthy if necessary. To assess your gum conditions, we will make measurements of the space between the teeth and the gums to inform you of the severity of your gum disease. We will plan a special oral health routine and tx plan accordingly to keep your gums healthy.


2. Cavities

We will take X rays to access if you have cavities. Dentists can find cavities with naked eyes, but X rays will allow us to see cavities that are hidden underneath your teeth surfaces. Dentists use an instrument called "probe" to probe the surfaces of the teeth, looking for rough or sticky areas. Cavities come in different sizes. They may be small or big. Small cavities generally do not cause any pain. Large cavities will cause sensitivity or mild discomfort. Large cavities that are big will cause swelling and pain. The dentist will offer a "treatment plan" to address the issues. 


3. Oral cancer screening

Oral cancer screening will be performed to detect any early signs of precancerous or cancerous conditions in your mouth. Dentists and/or Hygienist will visually examine the inside of your mouth to see any suspicious areas of tissue. They will pat down around the neck and jaw where important lymph nodes to your face are positioned. Dentists will refer you to an oral surgeon for further tests when abnormal tissues are detected in your mouth. If you are a smoker or chewing tobacco, we will do our best to help you quit smoking because smoking is bad for your general health and gums. 


4. Crooked Teeth and Gap between Teeth

Dentists will examine for jagged and misaligned teeth. They are relatively common conditions found among teenagers and adults. The cause of misaligned teeth can be due to genetics from parents or repetitive motions by patients such as sucking on thumbs, tongue thrusting, or mouth breathing. A common health issue caused by misaligned teeth is a periodontal disease because when teeth are not aligned, it is challenging to brush teeth well. Also, spacing between teeth causes food and plaque to get stuck in between when eating. Crooked teeth can affect chewing, which can cause digestion problems. Dentists will recommend you get orthodontic treatment to improve your oral health and create a beautiful smile. Studies have shown that happiness with physical appearance can improve self-esteem and create happiness. 


5. Teeth Whitening

With the consumption of coffee and tea, our teeth rarely stay as white as you would like them to. At JP Dental, we offer safe, fast result, professionally supervised teeth whitening called ZOOM Whitening. The benefit of ZOOM whitening is the isolation of the area of the teeth that may cause sensitivity, and an extra whitening tray is provided along with the solution so you may do some touch-up whitening at home later on. Dentists at JP Dental will make sure a proper examination is done if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening. 


When everything is addressed by the dentists, we will make sure you are at the office for routine checkup and cleaning so we could maintain your oral health. 


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