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I have a broken tooth. What can the dentist do?

September 3, 2021
Posted By: Juyong Chung


Breaking a tooth is no fun. You are in pain. It hurts. It is sensitive. You don't know what to expect. 

First thing, make sure you look for a local dentist that can help you. 

Until you see your dentist, it is best that you avoid chewing any hot, cold, or crunchy food because it may increase the severity of the issue. If you absolutely have to eat, try to eat on the other side. Over the counter medications can help alleviate the discomfort until you go to your appointment. 

You can wait for a little bit if the tooth is chipped or mildly fractured until you meet your dentist in Hartford. However, if you are in severe pain due to the large crack and exposed nerve inside the tooth, you should see a dentist as soon as possible. 

This is what your dentist will do treat your broken tooth. 

1. Composite filling

If your fracture is small and superficial, you dentist can perform a procedure called composite filling. Sharp areas will smoothed out. Slight roughness will be created on the fractured area to increase the surface area onto which the filing will bond. The tooth is etched with etch that prepares the surface for bonding. Bonding liquid will applied to the surface of the tooth. As a final step, ultra violet will be exposed on the tooth. White filling material is applied and exposed with ultraviolet to make the filling solid. Finally, the filling will smoothed out with with polish.


2. Crown

Small chip can be easily fixed with plastic resin to fill the void and crack. When the involved area is large, we are talking about a different story. Fillings do not do well under pressure. Crown is recommended to restore tooth that has a large fracture. Crown is porcelain material that covers the entire surface of the tooth like a cap. We sometimes call crowns a cap because they literally cover the entire surface of the tooth just like a cap covers your entire scarp of your head. 


3. Root Canal

Unfortunately, if the fracture runs deep into your nerve, root canal or endodontic treatment is necessary. Our dentists will remove the pulp tissue from the tooth and place sterile material called gutta percha inside to keep the tooth healthy and sound. Because teeth with root canal cause the tooth to become brittle and fragile, cracked teeth treated with root canal will require crown to protect the tooth from fracture.

4. Implants

If the major cracks run into the root of the tooth, your tooth may no longer be salvageable. Deep fracture can expose the tooth to infections and possibly lead to more infections in other parts of the mouth. If this is the condition, tooth will need be extracted. With our modern technology, we can provide you with implant tooth that will feel like a natural tooth. 






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